over with cuts and bruises

Those beautiful aunt only surnamed Wang Wahson feel good, two people stay not far not close contact, but this didn't last long without news, fat east uncle asked him why, when Wahson was to wipe my nose, softly replied: "that woman harbor evil intentions." Never say what. In fact, I know, that day the king aunt while Wahson out to buy food, said to me, "you have grown up, should go to your mother, you have been following him don't matter, you know your own mother in where?" He thought I was Wahson's baby headphone amp.
I was stunned, first heard someone else's mouth "mother" two words, I don't know what it is, Wahson is not my mother? At that time I was only 10 years old. I looked behind her, is Wahson, he come back to buy food, obviously, he heard Aunt Wang and I talk, Wahson quietly pulled me into the back room, never to contact.
This is Wahson's temper, very stubborn, insisted on silence, stubborn. All the things and the road he recognized, he always go to see, even covered all over with cuts and bruises.
Wahson is like me, who I almost did not promise. We go out for a walk, I am tired, Wahson squat back I; Wahson often go out sketching, he takes me, is sometimes very distant frontier city, sometimes from a small river, with the fat east to the words of his uncle, where Wahson, there is Lu Sheng; we moved house Wahson, let me sit in the corridor stuttering warm baked sweet potatoes, he a person at work, don't let me go to help; Wahson always bought me a lot of snacks, spare, I eat at any time at any time; Wahson never angry with me, even if I do too much thing, he just looked at me very reluctantly, face not bear, holding the soft as cotton candy voice said: "Lu Sheng, you don't NuHart......"
We have been living like this, until I started boarding high school. The third day I got acute gastroenteritis, diarrhea, toss about all night. Wahson on the night of my home, always take care of me in my bed, did not sleep all night. Disease is not good, Wahson will drag people do day procedures to help me, every night when I went home to sleep. Every day at noon meal is Wahson getting ready in the morning, a kind uncle asked he knew my canteen meals, until I graduated from high school.
Wahson age gradually, the body also is not good, at first I thought Wahson was a little cold little cough, shut his body, but ignore the real science, until he suddenly fainted in class one day, I heard the news rushed to the hospital, a doctor removed my judgment all the luck and hope: Advanced Gastric cancer! This time I am in the city of a two university read four, graduating.g-suite





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