my life has just begun

New year's Eve, blue skies, warm sunshine to Islamabad tipsy, people, there is no special thing. However, in Chinese heart, the Spring Festival is a forget flick not to thick and heavy in colours.
PolyU DBA Twelve at noon, I went downstairs sitting in the bus on time. Half an hour later, the car stopped at a villa. Here, all kinds of trees each other, cast the wrong to fall the shadow. From time to time over the crow or stop roof, or standing branches, then the Lian voice to. The shadow to quiet and elegant villa. Under the car, around the guards carry loaded guns in front and back of the house, watching every act and every move in the air.
I walked out into the yard, there have been many people, large and small, be riotous with colour balloons hung in the eaves, the children playing chase, see the balloon crying for parents. The yard is lined with a not neat team, team a is a transparent glass box, filled with large and small red envelopes, waiting for people to extract. Draw good people for the new year auspicious, pumping bad people at a new year to start again. Smoked award, S has not arrived, I sat in a corner and he. The noon sun was warm, squint sitting there, as if a world in the warm winter. I looked at the house, a group of people come in, greeting each other, draw, and then entered the room. But, still do not see the figure of S. Dinner is about to begin, I went in search, and out of the yard around, as if all of the heart are only looking for him. After a while, I once again entered the room to look, the house full of people, but with few, now they are submerged in the crowded. They looked at me blankly, I also Tang suddenly back, in the crowd, we had many times this look?
I once again retreated house sit eaves. I think she is a swallow, the heart has the dream girl. Just now, we sat together, on the edge of the girl picked up two beans to eat, give her a break, she transferred to the half of my. When the crowd faded into the house, she still insisted that accompany me outside waiting for, despite her lover has come. I believe, such a loving and caring girl to share other people comfortable, but also bring you happiness. I also remember Zhou Libo. When the audience asked him, what is your advantage? He said that. Because I believe, he will live to understand, to live calmly, live a happy life. I believe, he is telling the truth, experience ups and beat of life, we will be more deeply understand the true meaning of life.
S has finally come to be in a hurry to depart, he kicked in the door. I suddenly rejoice together, waiting for the suffering and finally into meet at ease. Into the house, each table is full of people, finally found an empty sit down. The child said, wishing you a happy new year. Then, other children than to wish everyone a happy, happiness Cloud Provider..... The sound of the words together with the children's children, and did not our goal?
After lunch, call your family. At home, at this time is a seven point night, they just eat dumplings, sitting in front of the tv. My parents are very happy, told us the size. Hung up the phone and then look at the QQ, little nephew message: don't go home have the Spring Festival this year? Apparently, he has not adapted to my absence. During the Spring Festival, he used to my presence firecrackers, also used together with poetic couplet with me...... At the time of the Spring Festival, Snow gleams white., children around, I still remember the little nephew first met the snow of excitement. In the winter was cold, dark night of snow, often with the north wind rustle falls over the earth. One morning, a sliding door, the snow was more than a foot thick, white, ice on the eaves of long short, root inverted. My little nephew likes to get up early, layer upon layer of cotton wrapped him up like a bear, clumsy cute. Mother opened the door, say, baby, it's snowing. He suddenly opened his eyes wide, like a little penguin broke away from her mother's hand, staggered into the courtyard in the middle, left, right, the mouth does not stop a "oh oh oh oh" sound. He is too small, also do not know Sherbet spring summer autumn winter, snow and rain, however, he did not know how to stop this? With him, my life has just begun. I have my life, he will grow up.
CCTV Spring Festival evening is about to begin, but in Islamabad, just stopped electricity. Because of power failure, we put the mobile phone, a computer. No phone, no message, no QQ, micro-blog...... We are completely lost contact with friends and colleagues. In fact, when people are when the message, telephone, and how much is truly pure relationship? Sitting on the bed, through the large glass windows, quietly looking at the distance of scattered houses and trees. The sun a little into the mountain, the sky silent in the white clouds, and then plunged into darkness doctoral degree business..





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