Happiness is home

Outside the window the wind ah, wail like ghosts and howl like wolves like! The car was blown to rock, to the city of W, feather like snow drifting profusely and disorderly, speed has not more than sixty, the son said: "mother, you this turtle speed when getting home!" After the high-speed entrance, card, then open the high beam light travel, the snow to come, plus the dark night, I am night blindness, almost like a blind play through Information Security.
Road, snow was rolled to sleek, with open with great care, did not dare to tell my family, we're back, afraid they worry, let his son made a Micro message said snow cannot go home. Results three girl guessed, mom and dad guessed, two girl guessed it, know that we must be on the way back home, we three personal mobile phone be they exploded, mobile phone information, Micro message information, mobile phone short message, keep coming in, they worry that I understand it is touched.
On the way, tension, fatigue, while let husband peel me eat grapefruit, will let the son bring me into the Coffee drink, sweet and sour grapefruit that allows me to eliminate sleepy, son later took to wipe my temple wind. To tell you the truth, I drive, the two men than I am tired, and always with great care to wait on me. Occasionally, the son will upset, I said so, and her husband say: "son, your mother is now a man, we have to wait on her, you and I do not drive, so we must obey orders, to listen to the command, your mother's word was law, we must be unconditional obedience." A road, the three of us in the car, laughing, son always scold me, let me not. Joseph, a good drive.
Part time DBA The city of L, finally does not snow, days also finally daybreak, I dare to accelerate, but my car after 100, I feel the whole people in gone with the wind, the maximum speed is over 130, the navigation began to tip, you have hundreds of meters in front of speeding, speed camera, then quickly loose open the throttle. All the way, I'm sleepy sleepy past an impulsively, hear navigation tips have service station, hurried down out of high speed, on service area, to the toilet use cold water wash your face, came out, the wind blows, immediately sober, and then into the high-speed, all the way back again, so delicate woman that time particularly tough really, I admire my own.
A person make a hurried journey without stop driving, after eleven hours. Finally see the home, see home is just out of high speed toll station, the card to pay the money, a high-speed, home. To enter the area, downstairs to see father lying - down in the balcony, I pressed the horn, grandma ran downstairs and pick up our luggage.
Mother holding a meter eight two big son cry, only a few days, how up so high! Smiled and said: "eat fertilizer." We all laugh.
Upstairs, put your luggage, wash, excited, happy feeling, no words can be language, looked at the gray haired father in the kitchen cooking, psychological sour but feel warm. Dad and mom bought a lot of we eat meat and vegetables, burned tracts of mutton soup, cooked Steamed Rice, burned for freshwater fish.
Returned to the embrace of their parents really good happiness! After eating, daddy and mummy doesn't let me up, my mother got me hot water for my feet, gave me an electric blanket, the bedroom air conditioning is also open to me, let's have a good rest. To tell you the truth home much warmer than here, entering the bed, lost an hour, up in the down jacket to the living room. The son sees said: "sister, you go back to the seventy's." To the big boys laughed, holding her mother's arm went downstairs to the supermarket, see the husband in the streams of people busily coming and going of the crowd, he saw a man selling sea fish, chat in there and people. Then, we went to buy his son a slipper, bought those delicious doctorate degree in business.
Mother's joy, overflowing in the canthus tip of the brow, see acquaintances said: "this is the eldest daughter, eleven at night to drive, a person to open more than a dozen hours, just got home at noon, and two daughters did not return, the two go to work in the government, on New year's Eve to leave at noon, the first home come to lunch." Perhaps these, for others it didn't feel what, but a word or two, but listen to her mother's pride, and her hope.
With her mother, my heart is warm but also sour. Finally the three girl raised, he is also a great age to take care of, but the children away from the Spring Festival, annually also can go back to it a few days, thought of here, the journey more than tired, parents were eager for a year I expect to see someone who never comes again calculate what?
So, the children, must often go home have a look, money is not the parents, but the life is limited, do not leave the filial son and dear not to regret.





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