touch the soul of a sincere

The window of heart, placed one pupil of the eye, parked one sails, written a personal feeling, sleeve breeze, soft red flowers, bury a person's past.
The heart out of the window, leaned a cold shoulder, light grip cool warm, set off a Fenghua Nian, nostalgic wrapped around the waist, long season, playing quiet poem Men clothes sale.
I'm in the quiet light, a person, curled up in a drop of pain wounds of the lamp, the text, written as a person, a person's world, this is the joy or sorrow?
But the night, shaking my heart if rain cold, how the mind is like a song, like a dream, business wind Tang rain, many beautiful woman, once the leisure elegant, once the dream with Kroraina, at the moment, your side that winter to spring back of lilacs, whether in the morning as I can, if the wind month, stunning as incapable of further increase of style? Want a hand picked fresh and not dazzling lilac, stored in my time line, because the flowers, there is a more gentle you spread in the missing in the wind.
Can't remember you my specific met in one day, just remember that due to the most popular 3D games that year. You are a brave invincible soldier, I do not understand a secular shades of a small woman, because playing for long, but many friends are not many, originally also naturally or half unconsciously to add you as a friend, but every time I was the monster bullying, will always be the first to call your name, only to you online, whether you how far apart and I, you move so fast, appeared at my side, the one to fall on the map of the shadow, you are all the heroic fight results, since then, between you and me occasionally talk about their own circle of friends or worry a little bit of life, my job is to play the game at that time, that occupation is called gaming, at first, what attack, defense, how to play blame earn more, how to put the medicine, for a woman, I completely do not understand, then, I will think of you, every time you give me one one answer, until now, data backup I still remember you I used to play the role name, if you had been left in the cloud nine night out? Because my typing speed faster than you, so I will play games at work during the edge to chat with you, for a long time, you and I become more familiar with, you and I are not only friends network virtual, also become the friend's true reality, when I encountered difficulties at work, or what not happy a little side, I will tell you one one, you always listen quietly, carefully explained to me, although I am older than you, but you speak is so mature, in my time of trouble, you are my best audience, the most real friends. Although I know you have a girlfriend, I will take you as my confide in spiritual sustenance. People, are emotional animal, in the course of time, to you, I gradually produced a concept beyond friendship, just had a little bit of strong emotion for some reason, I leave my life for nearly a year of seaside city, the middle of contact with you has been on and off, because I don't get to the Internet, so Q was recovered, unable to contact you, finally, when playing games with friends have found your message, since then, between you and me is not interrupted contact, that, for some reason you and she parted, my heart has a little sour pain, this pain is for you. Regret is not, but for you. You will hurt yourself, to her, many times, your loneliness, your weakness, then, in my dream, keep on my pillow, I became your emotional hotline.
In ten years, you would think of me as your emotions may harbor, I regard you as my life the most beautiful scenery line, this kind of emotion, perhaps with money is a measure of how much wealth not them? Ten years, you are still a man, cruising in the street without according to the ferry, the kind of sadness, only in the spiritual world, to be together with you hand in hand together, touch the soul of a sincere.
The midnight sky, very quiet, time if water, in this cool and bitter cold of winter, you and I are two parallel lines have no intersection? Whether such as Petunia Vega and Altair sky's brightest two never collide? Are you in, even if only I a person's world, is beautiful. This goes beyond friendship, more natural, offbeat sensibility above the love and friendship, I'd rather tears through the life of the plain, even if not with you together and slowly old, but my heart will still drunk, that feeling, that kind of pure love, only the spiritual world of people, it is true so long China marketing.





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