In this world, to live

The evening wind purple gray flower a flower from the branches of the trees blown off, cold under the setting sun is painted on the wind. I listen, listen to the wind on the road walk, if someone call my name. Only the wind call, into the ear, just silence, all in the wind to listen to, also can be heard, wind chill.
Vanity lost warm, one wants to flee from the heart, is doomed to no place. When the wind blows, and that only in the flute wind, blow the light snow leaves. But, all of this, just guesswork. Like a dream Men clothing hk.
Dream, a dream. In the inky night, the dream into a thin crescent moon, hanging in the horizon, shake shake, shake the world, looking for another consummation. Because time fingertips is always cold, cold must let each person, just stuck in their own cities, with little thoughts heating or far fetched proud not to let a person touch the heart pool. Lock door is rusting, gale from the gap between crossed into, there is a random Seton frivolous, blowing in the heart, with the simple like, crisp pain.
Suddenly, I want to take a vacation. Find a quiet place, the water front of the window, look at the water in the river flowing quietly silent, the water film clear and round, big and halo lip shade, can precipitate out over the years flowed in the heart over. Ah, always in the face of adversity to gradually learn perseverance, then slowly calm heart. Or, numb heart.
Only a person of travel, so far, has not given me at a brisk pace. So, just. Inner pendulum has stopped a left a right swinging back and forth, dusty swing was sealed in the attic stopped swinging. The fate of the script, has already written, not to arbitrarily change. Flies in the fleeting, who lost in the past, I do not know whether, whether in the hair dye cream years, was accidentally, in one evening at sunset, remember.
Perhaps, many regrets in life, just as in the song: sing as possible the young heart is too soft, can not withstand the wind and can't afford to waste it. If today I could go back to yesterday, I would have to compromise luxury travel Italy.
So, have a good compromise heart, whether it will be less, but a lot of regret?
Have a look casually, have a look the people and things around, all no ending story is always filled with regret. As the hanging in the horizon moon face, with clear round will not last long. Don't always know, always unclear, whether must, if such regret, can make the story once, beautiful and dangerous?
How can not, there is another outcome?
The town go hand in hand, Mo left hide, can not help but think of Liu Yong. The light chen. Love deep. A tree flowers open, month habitat branchlets, only the road is in spring. Hard times is far, far away, the people heart, the sky than before. Proceed without hesitation of pay, do not know what hesitate to. From now on, the world hand in hand, for he, wash soup, Su Yi Qing Yan, light makeup, natural kind, not for vanity fair fame, which the simple dress of a woman's delicate daughter clothes. As long as the Lang is not Qixian, Lennon home dress shirt simplicity and why? Green general since the years, and the king agreed to work together, this life to love a honey. So, why not?
Never thought, this a field of flowers have long long, good times' mind, in fact, is only a long life, the short, a moment of time.
A short moment, time over.
A touch of warmth soaked carefully consider quietly into the heart.
People in this life no regrets what. A is a long life, a fixed instant, a moving moment, like a photograph, the moment for eternity, for visual impact, to think of. And that.
Although, we always try to leave some what words, but there is always some, some what is can not use words to express it, but not by the wind take away, it just disappeared, such as Mo smoke.
Not like the flower, a flower falls, longitudinal is scattered, also want to come to Enron, nor the flower Shabana Feifei sky's cry. In this world, to live doctorate in business administration.





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