with you my heart from now on

Clear the moon in Tian Tian Lian Tang sprinkle tenderness of Qingyun, carrying a Jiangnan dream, Luo Sang light solution, alone on the LAN Zhou, amidst all the way wave shadow, the fragrance of a green straight into the nose to drill, not self unconsciously walked to the Lian Tang Bian, to see a lot of lotus brilliant bloom, white as snow, red like Xia, moist with only belong to his lonely and elegant Sheng Shiqing Huan. Under Tada Reba, there is a fish in the happy to play. A faint fragrance of dense curtain is as clear as the lotus like Acacia, blossom in the sweet water, exudes the fragrance of the years Laser Hair Removal.
The breeze quietly into the string, dust on distant, like beauty, is so quiet, like a bay rippling in my heart still. In the world of mortals compose a song is not the old love song, let the heart put on Lianxiang vests, qiaoxiaoyanran, in the sweet charming between, quietly looked at Lake greeted, Liantang glittering, sparkling shining ripples in the wind ups and downs. According to the text of the fireworks, warm eyes, the heart is still read, about you. With clear time, gentle.
Liantang swaying lotus, a tranquil and elegant in different poses and with different expressions, add charm, weekdays rare charm. Spiritual walk in the time of the other side, in the faint breeze, to undertake a called to defend the Qing Huan, a kind of feelings, in the next month solo. The faint miss, Kisaragi HL, shallow lake in the heart to open, the fragrance exudes atmosphere, BaiZhuanQianHui, Yingman sleeve Lianxiang watch and love direction such feeling if you understand, even if separated by a distance of a water and how DR REBORN?
The vast sea of humanity, because words and words you meet, you meet me is you. Through the time of the brilliant moment, let my heart quietly blooming. I will not fly alone, with you my heart from now on. Across the screen, can see each other's eyes and tell each other the Heartsongs, so far from the people heart so close, the soul of the collision, the spiritual communication between each other not say no topic, between each other without any isolated. After years of precipitation, our friendship only in silently Xiangxi accompanying, because understand each other, even if you don't language, I still have consonance. Take a ray of tender moonlight, let the lingering for a long time, slowly precipitation for the poetic dim, taste the lingering and nostalgic.
Look at the white lotus flower, heart like glass...... Marching time notes in the world of mortals walk, through the time gap salvage full of tenderness, because the text of a road traction, and Lingbo water rhyme, ink rhyme Liufang, the heart, quietly placed in the fingertip of flat Zeze, slowly outline, gently moisturizing. We adopt a lonely soul, the love is eternal. Aestheticism of the time window Xuan, Dankan earth Yunjuanyunshu and blooming flowers falling vicissitudes of life, hearts will be have a eternal hope, bright dawn.
Dancing with the wind, the Lian Yan feeling such as Poppy's infatuation does not regret; picturesque youth, with reeds, through time and space barrier, overlooking the horizon. Twittering sound words in the word, silently to cherish a, tenderness put pen to paper, in a paper ink, ripple mind; elegant reverie, to put pen to paper into poetry rhyme, folded that year that month voice, a blunt pen. The outline of a your handsome appearance; a short poem, transfer inside my heart crazy. Jinglian Youmeng silently weave a pool, dip in a Jiangnan Water rhyme, each written when the red tongue be spotlessly clean. Many a time, through the memory of the gallery, with a flower posture, DR REBORN the graceful nib. Life yichenyoumeng, metamorphosed into a touch of subtle fragrance, dense in your clear Mou only in and through the lights dim, the affection of rendering a bosom. The heart of a lotus, early morning sun, is poetry; flower, all is kiyoki.


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