And do and cherish friends

To remember those years with him along the trail. Once, like his characters, often read, recently busy, not for a long time. However, I often space can see his figure and leave comments. Alas, too many people ignore the...
I thought he had to send a gift to me, and I in the spatial rummage through a two years ago my birthday when he gave me the inscription. "Pure" finally found, the word, like his people, bold, free, free and easy, elegant. I could smell the ink exudes fragrance, and my heart still rejoice Dr Reborn.
He is the Heilongjiang Mudanjiang person, is a particularly honest man. When my book, he first bought ten books, the first fight, then give me a call that Xiaoyu ah, don't send me so much ah, post two on the line, the people around me there is not much to write the text, you can keep to love you words people. If your old friend congratulate Friends Book ah! In fact, I know he is not short of money, but I also know, he to the cause of running hard, earn money not easy, he do, is nothing more than the expression in his affection. Some things, treasure in the heart, some friendship, only the heart knows.
For so many years, I always remember one scene, once he way to Beijing station, have the driver asked him:
"You go to Langfang, sir?"
He said "Langfang has rain?"
The driver replied: "Langfang does not have the rain, the weather is sunny!"
His humorous words of a phrase with a double meaning, Dr Reborn so fresh in my memory, the true memories out the beautiful flowers in rain's world......
Met three years, I wrote an article "the rain in the world of memories" for him, after five years today, I wish once again to record this a thick pen. Here, I want to sincerely say to him: dude, hurry up, you, we want to continue the agreement has not been achieved five years ago, we travel together, through the southern Saibei, all over the motherland mountains and rivers. We need to continue our friendship, travels of little stone pond, clear......
Friends, you haven't to give me a message, I wish to see your footprints, see you, you see, is a spring, we go outing, okay?
Friends, in order to make me happy, you must live up to expectations, refueling! I wait for you, quiet time, well be like first!
Friends, open the windows of the soul, we still do and cherish Dr Reborn!


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