like a rainbow gorgeous dream

Into the youth day, a friend wrote: the card under the rainbow bless for you... 16 is not a simple even vaguely, it contains many I don't know the secret, is a unique flower spirit on the clothes? Is the sun like smile? Is a flash of fleeting meteor? Is completely fallen star? Or the sky dream? I'm trying to thinking Virtual Office Hong Kong:
Yesterday, I also stubborn like a child, promised to decide not to grow up, hate the feeling of grew up - one that is tightly bound feeling, I always believed in the color bubble was mystified the blow out, no, is peopled with a little elf. I always want to raise your wrist, break the tiny air bubbles, let the spirit free, although had brought a colorful coat;
Today of I, have won't little things and face each other in the flames of anger and friends, and curious eyes wide open, stares at it. Maybe, I will go to the wutong leaves one records the time before, softly asked: why can't people like the moon, the darker the whole body, itself, but the more bright? Once upon a time, heard the phrase: the volume of the heart is very small, but the volume is very big, now only have the profound understanding!
Yesterday I, I like upward day, always thought the sky, with my dreams.
Today of I, but when looking up at the sky, as if into the mind, mouth words, empty gradually listen to angel overhead pass!
Yesterday I, still running in the snow with partners, feel the snow holy color;
Today of I, I don't like snow, pity the snow beauty faded, I always put the beauty of the past buried in the mud in the spring, also not necessarily can open a flower!
Yesterday, I was grabbed a sun, a friend in the distant place feihong excited;
Today, I no longer wish to receive letters. Not reply confused, after all, receiving is happy, because have friends far away; But receiving is also sad, because a friend in the distance.
Walk alone under the fireworks filled the street, crocopen let the colorful fireworks light on my coat with best regards. As time goes by, I hope it's cement rose out of the flower, always stand there well proportioned, witness every little bit of time.
I just want to go wandering, wandering, see all the world to let every corner of the world is full of all my footprint; See the sunrise on the sea, watching the sunset in the desert, lingyun see fog opened on the edge of the brook in the top of the night, only like, walking alone in the open field.
Youth of I, with a mist of grief, also have flaming soured, also have lost myself's dual personality.
I desire mature, tried to shape his staid image, when a I want to protect people, maybe I will not powerless;
I am eager to pure, happy every day like a long not big child, bizarre and elves smile face hung a child;
I am eager to have a person's world, clad in a light purple blankets in dreams go all the way;
I desire to integrate into the collective, under the clear blue sky, echoed with me the most brilliant smiling face...
Actually, youth, like the sun, although it is a bundle of transparent, light is composed of red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, violet seven kinds of color composition.
Youth is a beautiful harbour, youth is a dream that never fade. Like the balm in early spring at green, like the flowers bloom in the branches, as birds crow in the morning, like the wind dancing in the water. The transparent is the river, on the ground is cloud in the sky, is the rain, in the air in front of the park is the fountain, in what is carp's poem is the theme of youth. We do not necessarily live vigorous youth, but we are like pure water, flower simply almost no impurities.
At night, ambiguously hear a voice; Holding my hand, eyes closed go you won't get lost. Looking at the pale blue sky, the in the mind silently say: have you I won't feel lonely.
Like a rainbow gorgeous dream - my youth regorafenib!


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