ten years a chuangtse

Memory is more and more fuzzy, think about my past ten years, exactly what experience, and with mentality of how to spend. More grow up more found, time flies the sun is like a boat is not only the reason in the book, when I was a child as long time of a day, Tony later years are scattered into glass, together is complete 3g plan.
More and more like the colour of bright and beautiful, more and more would you want to dream of fuzzy and at ease. Finally one day, I thought of my years, what is spent, but sad found, he deliberately forgotten, time under the function of fuzzy, already can't see all. Can be capricious play, carefree as a child, because a child, but can't, now is the time we carved, or eroded our time. Remember white peach blossom tree, wutong swing frame, under the willow creek, that a white lotus, there are a few flowers blooming and blooming gardenia blossom bud, resting on celadon white bowl, quietly elegant fragrance floating in the twilight of the sunset, then a season, have become eternal.
For the first time for mother's pink carnations and purple forget-me-not, where is a year of mother's day. In which year was in love with the luoyang peony, because that I busy always, and bloom fade of perfect, in the life of the most prosperous time choice takes courage to die, big flower petals, magnificent chariot in the swirl, is not who have such courage, how do I do flowers flowers kill, withered attitude really sorry beautiful poem, perhaps canyue withered lotus is a kind of beauty, the six dynasties old wood jackdaws figure, romantic love story. Who call I just love the fiery MingYang, constant rain never pleased, if walking in the streets of jiangnan, apricot blossom spring rains in south China, is just a temporary interests, who can long day immersed in a musty damp weather, such as the ancient poetry.
The most beautiful time in the most delicate time, resting on a pile of books, grey sketch, the footprints of Boston ivy on the wall, pull out. Alert the youth, the chestnut reflection Business programmes.
The memory of youth, have already reduced the end of the world.
River ships coming and going, another ferry, parked in a flashy s, who also believe destiny port.
Temples, churches, bells, pray, sing the Christmas Eve, quiet dawn, breeze, the moon and the stars in the lonely, and lonely.
Ten years, in black and white school uniforms, monochromatic examination papers, and there is a class ring with single axle and fiddled with the past.
Gone, never smiled and said he was 18 years old standing on the youth's tail tip, wheat seeding a another crops are green, the blue on the fields empty, lonely and at ease.
Ten years, quiet and bright and beautiful, sadness and joy. The legend of the wind and rain, the clouds scud across, or a song straight away into a world of annihilation and the water in the raw.
Ten years a chuangtse, butterflies or not and what's the point, no nutrition argued as a result, the dream is better than a dream, at ease.
The next 10 years, it's on the corner of the corner. Has nothing to do with joy joyful, has nothing to do with love, has nothing to do with weathered rain and snow, but the direction of the heart, a life attitude.
Just tell yourself, ever not frivolous young, be inferior to tread on horseback to spend, zhuifeng month by month, don't forget the time, no Buddha is not certain, not only is love, lafite rothschild and the affair has nothing to do all of the other.


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