In her professional life

Starting her career as a country doctor for the mining communities in the northern WA, Jennifer has come a long way. While assisting the well established surgeons and physicians of the US, she gained valuable insights regarding the procedures and techniques of hair restoration. The compassion she developed towards the hair loss patients encouraged her to dedicate her efforts and skills towards the betterment and refinement of the hair restoration techniques. Since the 1990s, Dr Jennifer Martinick has constantly worked for improving the restoration techniques, and deliver natural looking and undetectable hair transplant results. This aim and dedicated efforts towards developing a better technology resulted as the Martinick Technique TM.

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The technique is known for its superior and fine results, and is being exclusively used at the Martinick Hair Restoration clinics. The technique helps Dr Martinick to achieve a natural looking hairline that mimics the natural hair growth pattern of males. As the technique is super fine, it is quick, less painful and supports a quick recovery.

Today, Dr Martinick is a very successful hair restoration surgeon, and credited for her technique worldwide. In her professional life of over thirty years, she has brought a positive change in the lives of hundreds of hair loss patients. Her hard work and contribution have been acknowledged by many awards and certificates, both nationally and internationally.

Dr Jennifer is the first Australian and the first woman to be awarded with the greatest honour in the field of hair transplantation - The Platinum Follicle award of ISHRS in the year 2003. She visits international medical conferences and meetings to encourage knowledge sharing among the leading hair transplant surgeons of the world.

You will find numerous Dr Jennifer Martinick reviews & testimonials on the clinic's website that very well portray her artistic skills and hands-on experience in performing hair transplant surgeries. A wide range of hair loss problems has been treated by Dr Jennifer Martinick and her competent team. There are numerous cases showcased on the website that are linked to the various type of hair loss stages. The transformation in the person's personality and looks is phenomenal after the hair transplant surgery.





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