everybody cannot replace

When people grow up, they found themselves in life there are many regrets, or did not do, or say should not say of words, or hurt should not hurt people, or in ordinary miss a little better. And these things, as we grow up, when we experienced the vicissitudes of life gradually deep understanding of life, will be found.
Always want to grow up, always feel grown up has say not clear, can wear beautiful clothes, can draw a thick makeup, can be coated with red brown lipstick, can wear high heels to walk in the street around, can take one's ease do everything you want to do. But when I grew up, suddenly found that, he has lost a lot of good things. And these things, is the gift of God, only in a certain period of time in life can we have, after this time, we can't have such a pure and luxury. These rare and beautiful like a short, when it flashed out if we don't have eyes to see clearly, so we really missed. But when I was young I where know these? Like don't understand parents toil of bitterness, don't know life difficult stand, just stubbornly wayward thought these things were blocked, is a stumbling block to stand in my way, is bound to kite line. I just want to grow up, grow up too much in life to cut off the fetters, those obstacles all my free all discarded in the wind.
But when I mature gradually, gradually understand the world, and when I finally understand what is life, I know I've lost too many good. I finally understand that life is to their own business, no matter how many life unpleasant, don't despair, because life itself is a kind of hope.
I was disgusted with everything, it seems, is concerned about, is a blessing, is the warmth of the tiny spots, is to let a person for a lifetime the warmth of the lighthouse, is God gave me the best never falling. These things, I have really had, from parents, friends and strangers strangers. I touched them, have them, or abandon them. But these let me happy let me sad and beautiful, always accompany me through the most beautiful time in my life, never disappeared. In my heart in my happy, proud when frustrated, I laugh and cry, when I choose to forget when ….... these things, as the embodiment of the heavy rain, sun, star, has been the most beautiful moment with my life. At this moment, I know, I have the good, is in full bloom in winter in the sunshine, is always lit their own firefly, is a never fading gentle moonlight, pen not engraved warm.
When the flow of time time changes, love hate has clearly. I learn to recapture memories, I learn to find hope, I learn to taste life, I learn to discover the beauty of life. I finally understand, I hate now, not necessarily will always hate it, it may be I still can't understand beauty, but now I insist, also may be the wrong direction, but I can't let myself wrong.
Learn to grasp the good in life, have seemed to be unhappy; learn to appreciate everything in life, because life easy life is not easy. In the years, please restore memory, and cherish, because the loss of good, everybody cannot replace!


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