I climb the mountain for the first time

Don't know is excited, or happy, when I heard that our dormitory eight people go spring outing this weekend - climbing, act heart just in basis points, I. Is not a serious illness, the weak and heavy feeling for me, already be bitter. Fortunately, however, have the spirit of a beam, I still went to climb the mountain asia best business school.

The car crowded people, each sufficient strength, put the car was full. I had to stand a place in the end. Bumps along the way, although a little tired, but standing at the foot of the mountain, I was particularly excited, disease also light a bit. Lift eye looking high, peak forest, unique humour and wit, strange shape miscellaneous shape. In the past, TV, movies, read to the mountain and the plain but living today. I can't get up the courage, determined a onto the top of the mountain.

Eight people greet each other, mountain Angle, jump into gully, climb the mountain. The feet sweat, asthma coarse, the waist sour leg pain. This is just the feeling of others, in addition to this, I have a headache, the heart is frowsty, plus 30 degrees below half body temperature, have been suffering. Fortunately, there have a little experience from others as a medicine for gladly accepted, as long as stood on the cliff high look down, to the spirit, because I have a fear of heights.

This than mount tai is tall, though the mountains than huashan majestic, but better than the ground above the bottom of the many! Also has "absolutely be ling, see the mountains small". Rows of new brick houses, rolling cars, each swallows flying eagle, a mu mu green seedling garden, in that case, fresh and comfortable. Atop the, relaxed and happy; Look at bottom, a chill. I have to choose a flat stone, a natural and unrestrained, leave a transient of the eternal. I lie on your back flat stone, bathed in warm sunshine, heavy with sleep, suddenly was awakened by six sound CARDS. I have to stand up, slowly into the mountain, enjoy the mountains the awaken of spring, in my feelings maggie beauty.

The first time I see mountain, for the first time to enjoy the beautiful spring scenery of nature, excited. Standing at the top of the mountain, look around the mountain, in the heart very sigh with emotion. I can with the tone of pride that have never seen the mountain township partners loudly say: I have seen the mountain, it is very beautiful, I love the mountains.

Warm wind blowing hair tip, west of the sky clouds came on.

Down the mountain, with seven points, the joy of dichotomy, of the loss of one point, against the filar silk spring breeze, on their way home. The bumpy all the way again, back to the dormitory, fell on the bed, one by one with sunset was silent. At this time, I began to realize something never is the best, is also the most desirable; Such as received, found that is not too good, but it is the most treasure Hair Loss Solutions.


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