go your own way

Read a story in a magazine called "life" today, the painter, there should be some people read, but, I still want to share with more people, this is the story iphone 3 cases:
Once upon a time, there was a very distinguished painter. One day, he suddenly, wanted to draw a picture of everybody loves painting. Then he carefully painting, draw a picture of themselves very satisfied with the work. Then, he took to the market to show, and in a pen was put by the picture, attach explains: for every viewer, if you think it has shortcomings, can draw on in the corresponding local mark. At night, the artist got his painting, so he did: he found the whole picture is painted with mark, almost everywhere was a failure. The painter is very unhappy, feel very disappointed, don't own painting is really Nothing is right.?
The cudgel thinking, the artist decided to change another way to try. So, he painted a similar picture, then still had to display on the market. The difference is, this time, he noted that since the viewer in the most wonderful place or mark pen is marked as their favorite. When the painter again to retrieve the painting, he also was very puzzled, originally all of denial and blame failure, are all labeled as pen. Finally, the artist said with emotion: "originally, we no matter what you do, as long as some people satisfied enough. Because, in some people's eyes is a deficiency or defect, in other people's eyes, but it is the advantages, is beautiful."
After hearing the story, we Is it right? Reminiscent of the great poet Dante once said a word: "go your own way, let others say."
Digital Whiteboard In everyone's life, will inevitably suffer from others' comments and criticism. At the same time, we must be good at regulating their mood, to be about to think, don't care too much, after all, everyone is not perfect, there is no need to make everyone satisfied, do yourself, do everything in one's power.
Edison is the teacher as a "fool", but always adhere to ask "why"; Bill Gates was regarded as a madman, but never give up the dream; Jobs's success is always insist on doing their own. How, if they are too care about others for their evaluation, there will be future success that attract worldwide attention?
Standing in the crossroads of life, who will have the hesitation and struggle. Only to exclude the interference of others evaluation, insist on doing their own, is a wise choice. Mouth long in others, we can't stop, only to strengthen their will, to tell their own heart to see the world with eyes,, do their own Hong Kong delivery Flowers.


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