youth, I have been here

The twinkling of an eye, the autumn colour dense many Vio-la...

Pieces of naked in the field of the earth, and the piles on the dry straw, small roadside silence layers of leaves, pieces of yellow grass on the hill...

Work rectified NongGuRen, seems to be a little easier at this time, can more time to take a nap, talk about harvest more time together. And these more or less tick remember those childhood memories for this time of year, those carefree days. The adults drank their tea in a sitting on the patio, talking about their own laughter. Our kids running around adults, with chasing belongs to our carefree. The afternoon sun is also some lazy, gentle with a piece of happy.

The autumn wind blowing slightly field, through the years, dazzling the hair, landed in what day.

The legs tied up, revealing a calf, and the air is dry, let the dissipation of autumn wind gently stroked. To take off the coat, revealing white vest, close to the sun, it finally warm touch is hard in the chest. The busy for a moment, let the heart close to the sun, close up its last remaining. Lit cigarette in the last a cigarette and sat on the grass in the yellow, put a slice of waste combustion into the light taste, float into memories belong to this autumn. Busy again good, a bit not careful will also fade, miss time is again, also will eventually goes away, empty our obsession with hearts.

Time went by, prints. Even if we are devout believers as the deification years commonly, go to church to admire, it is still stubborn. In the end, also learn to grasp, walks to freeze belongs to happiness. God's power we just for unknown place, and time is recorded in the footsteps of our reality, is no choice. Footprints, deeply shallow, full time, seal cutting many memorable moments...

In those years, as in a dream. Dream of oneself is a omnipotent super hero, can put the world with earth-shaking. Now, those frivolous dream, like shaking in the autumn night sky of stars, flashing a dim light.

In those years, inspiring, wantonly make public. Strut through the crowded streets, in spite of all worldly sorrow, all others to coldly without panic, because young people should insist on your appearance.

Wine Searcher In those years, have had unrequited love. Afterwards just know, love is the heart of the description, the performance of the heart is like, but most of the time just to the taste of sweet, in my mind, and heart to paved with young romantic feelings, stubborn to do a lot of touched of puzzling that belongs to ego.

In those years, piled with happiness mingled with the trouble, also feel despair, who stayed up all night, had lost virtually ignored and swallow the pain slowly...

Inadvertently, is no longer the ignorant young, no longer have a lot of time to waste. Is no longer a carefree singing of the age, no longer have those passionate about on rock and roll. All the fantasies and dreams like yellow leaves, as usual, doing the free fall. Those who had experienced things, are nothing more than just a moment along the way the episode is plump will cut off the memory of not.

Thanks to all of the memories Multi-touch Panel.


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