the book of life

1.Flowers in Hong Kong delivery See something, when successful, not excited, failed, don't fall. The heart must be strong, whether it is heaven blessed, or unexpected trouble, should but joy, but sorrow, can be appropriate, not reason, keep calm.
2. Learn to listen, my friends, may be happy, may be sad, be happy, it is also a, along with how to enjoy happiness, sadness, then; half, ease the suffering of others on their own, itself is a happy thing.
3. To improve the defense force, the way of life, a hard and soft enemy enemy two obstacles, hard enemy hurt the skin, break their bones, against the object is flesh; soft against temptation mind, tortured souls, a phantom with the mind game, against the object is the will, therefore, strengthen the protection is necessary.
4. To the target, small target temporary, or permanent goal, can, size does not matter, is to have, a goal, only the direction, the direction, have the power, the power.
5. For its defect, don't complain about the unfairness of God, because it is God for their own development space, God is to teach you how to use their own efforts to fill up the gap defect, make up, it will have something to do, not empty boring, lazy.
6. Often have a look back, they have experienced what, planted a few puddles, trapping several mire, hit a few thorns, out several traps, these large and small lessons, when and where to place, in the heart of a does not fall down, bound, exquisite packaging, also is the collector's edition textbooks, as his life, from time to time to read, learn from experience.
7. The details can not be ignored, thousands of miles of dikes, will collapse in Yixue, small things, its force is small, but the cumulative, quantitative change will cause the qualitative change of the day, Constant dripping wears away a stone. work, not langdexuming. Small little things, if positive, will be protected, let it grow slowly, if malignant, that it's weeding, can not stay, spare all later trouble Nutrition .
8. For the pursuit of their own, components must be clear, the material of a few, the spiritual and the accounted for almost, neither too much or too little, to achieve a balanced, coordinated proportion. If too much fame, will lose self, if completely ignored the red, it is a negative performance.
9. For some of his angry, when anger is anger, the forbearance, the anger is to endure, and that is a kind of weakness, lack of confidence, lack of pride, and pride; when the bear is angry, it is reckless, acting by emotion, the consequences will be very tricky. How to draw the line properly, it shows that he is a principle, in a position, bosom, Xiao Ming, Dali people.
10. Cherish this word, a few Xu Cangsang, have to lose, just know to cherish, for the lost, lost, don't regret, but can be a memory, sometimes chew, it is delicious. For is not lost, should learn to cherish the memories, after all, is only a kind of comfort has lost, is a proud, cherish is a blessing DIY home


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