who stole the peach blossom red

Burgundy When the spring breeze is swaying the April wind chimes, peach has been time stole her red, those lovely blurred in March, willow very pretty and charming, a green ocean.
Look up the moment, I see patches of green with trees, I saw a tree full of flowers, as in the wind is not willing to shake and crumble to dust, and then. Those crazy blooming flowers, just a short moment, to complete her mission, to start a process of gestation life.
Vaguely, I pass by the blossom of the green belt, they are charming and moving: cherry red Sihuo, winter jasmine yellow and lilac, extravagant, clusters, clusters, like the late fall over each other like decorated with spring. Just a week's time, when I was pregnant with full hope to look at them, only a few flower also hung on the branches, in the spring breeze soothing, fluttering in the wind, happy to fall. At that moment, there was a slight disappointment filled the window of heart. This spring, I have not in the busy to their intimate contact, spring, so in my eyes slipped away quietly. Those who regret the fleeting time, those who are living, trivial, mundane affairs to deal with, and so by the time of the grinding wheels in the foot.
How many scenery like this in the fleeting time gradually become memories, much flourishing in such extravagant behind gradually quiet, how much of the story is constantly ahead of the pace gradually forgotten, how many feelings like this is the ride puzzle slowly return to zero. Life is such, in the rush of another, constantly, constantly, and then slowly grow old macallan whisky......
I thought I was just out of school girls, did not want to, more than ten years has passed, and I have is no longer the young woman was. Remember that the peach blossom red, remember the friendship and love scattered those time, remember the time gradually forget the fleeting time, remember the hopes and dreams have sprouted in the spring. Only after many years, these have been the stream of time cleaning compound away, leaving only a shallow memories don't in the years of the trees.
I thought I could and time race, I think with my young heart and no longer young I, can retain some scattered time, I think that spring will be the time to, on the go go. So I learned to ordinary life, not publicity, not hypocritical, not to take anything that didn't belong to me, just like a child who, quietly in the past years by the waves washed up shells. These in the eyes of others is not precious things, but I always thought the most treasured. Those who carelessly between the little touched, the fleeting light up my people, who have been with me, encouraged me, and made me grow up people, those with stories, they are the most beautiful in the world April fangfei!
How many touched so many memorable; how much looking forward to, so many hopes and dreams waiting to be fulfilled; how much dedication and the pursuit, and so much sadness and tears spilled on the road; how many old downtown, there are many busy fall after the vicissitudes and helpless...... Negative on everything in life loss, negative on everything outside the fate of fate, let nature take its course, all is the best perfect.
Classroom tablet The clove like dream just begin to sprout, the bright sunshine, is beginning to shine a cloud day. In April, stolen floating not Jehiel, still walk along the way. Even so, fall, even, occasionally rain, however, it is green full of vigour, is developed with new hopes and dreams, are destined for the full storage passions rooted in the fertile soil, growing, mature, finally Nirvana lotus.
In April, the stolen peach red, a tree full of green fruit;, April, stolen moments, into the misty rain swallows twittering and blurred; in April, was stolen in spring, full of passion and full of new ideas; in April, flying kites in the sky, finding the root hold in the hands of the line; in April, it came in peace, and in embracing the light gradually walk......中醫 糖尿病


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