it was a tree flowers

Like the blink of an eye, those who with vigour and vitality bloom had ended!
Walk on the familiar path, looked at the falling petals, grind to dust scattered into the mud, the pink, yellow, white and dazzling have quietly curled up in the embrace of mother earth!
Electronic Whiteboard After all, anger over, in the spring the most brilliant moment, I see your beautiful face, dear you wet finzer, whether this is enough?
This is a kind of reincarnation? Dear, who can tell me?
You use your most beautiful pink petals for the green, you use a string of purple Campanula, in exchange for a piece of bright red, and then into the wind, the rain, accompanied by the spring and autumn, you have been such a scene, brought to the world the ordinary surprise, and winter with respect, still no mercy to you all away, only coming again next spring......
And we have a higher life, human beings, can have several times this cycle? Spirit? The flesh?
The hearts of all of a sudden inexplicable flowing from a warm moved, this flower, this tree, always have to rely on Mother Earth, the flowers in full bloom, the leaves sprout, germination, yellow, silently toward the earth mother's arms, it is always home!
My home?
I have a burden of playing the real return to their own soul belongs to the house?
It is the soul of home forever!
The house is your young dream, had you ever beautiful dream, placed you have been unwilling to touch the wounds and the slim hope, you are here to heal, and here again to new hope, set sail!
In our real life home ah, I have been looking forward to the surging river edge, with the misty rain misty rain, with dense vanillic air, with clear water, with a soft accent, and that everywhere a vibrant green and that a riot of colour of the season flowers dom perignon!
How happy ah! You do that, you in the river surging city boundary, you quickly took root, and I am pleased with, I know, because of our daughter, I also can not immediately go with you, however, this is a very beautiful expectation! I have to accompany you in the north of the city for twenty years!
You can come home with me, right! Back from where I'm from! You said, you can, in the efforts of hard work, and I are looking! I looked at it with eyes full of tears!
You said: "this how to eat all day long Steamed Rice ah?"
You say: "here all day rain?"
You say: "homesick!"
I love and hate, hate!
Here a spring, also didn't see a decent rain! The land dries out to smoke, and the continuous Yang Xu catkins floating everywhere, I almost didn't go out, the dry air, the smoke layer soil! I am angry with!
I like the spring rain, moisten my face! I like to see everywhere green wet! I would like to eat that delicious big Steamed Rice!
But, now I can't go anywhere! What also do not! Who knows my sadness?
Think, daughter as over there on the University, I really can go back, back to my hometown, work tired, tired, and opened the car, no time ah, I can see my dear mom and Dad, listen to advice and told them, all the tiredness will disappear in smoke now, because of their voices and their concern about the eyes, forever is our way of life of a kind of invisible!
But, that day, what time can I have?
wine offer A gust of wind blowing, blown away my thoughts, I know, life is an indefinite number, I know, I would also like to continue such helpless before, just for the sake of our younger commitment!
With the wind, the front of the pink petals fall on the ground by the dust and willow catkins have been entangled mottled, with the wind in the helpless rotation! Instantly, the present is a portrayal of the!
The weather forecast says that morning with light rain, light rain! The city has almost dried up! Under the point of light! My soul also need your moist!不孕症治療


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