outdoor dance

Midnight, DIY storage walking in the Wuchang fruit lake quiet street, reverie together. Here is my high school years ago, now the university teachers, there are often on the Internet communication has not yet met friends. Want to contact, not Speechless. Ha-ha. Only in the absolute being stored in beauty and wonderful reverie. Flashes of Wisteria son's friends "outdoor dance".
All the time, I like reading Wisteria son text. The text is really wonderful feeling, the text in the vine's hand, turned into seven rainbow cloud, reveal the different sky; like the elegant woman dancing ribbons, draw a gorgeous color; the vine in the text, a pure heart sad, there is a light of life penetration of Dawu; a calm and quiet a yunjuanyunshu. This paper from the heart. With this and calmly, text is particularly vivid.
"Outdoor dance" is I enjoy writing. Not only is a mountain spring picture caught my eye, it is because the wisteria son to the writing skill skill, to an outdoor outing portrayed very interesting. In these words, I also read the vine happy, see the smile. Vine love into the embrace of nature, observe carefully, deeply emotional experience, imagination is rich, vivid and exquisite description, "outdoor tage" has become a beautiful melody, to bring readers of literature and music taste. As the vine's brother, I sincerely happy and bless.
Repeated the taste "outdoor dance", there is a passage that I feel such as goods of tea, taste fragrant: "heard a gurgling sound of water, to search, to the front, a small, clear, bright, a gay. However clever, let a person can't help close, I squat next, hand gently into the water, a burst of coolness hit into the skin, smooth, soft, the heart also as a clear spring. See through the eyes of each surprise, deep sigh of nature's extensive and plump."
And: "I am not good at words, the lack of ability, communicate with people in most of the time, to give the people away feeling, but, I don't know how to Thanksgiving, cold-blooded, their enthusiasm, their help, their friendship, so I like the sport TV Mobile Stand."
I have to admire the heart: heart like spring, good writing!
Wisteria son works "wind" cool ", can feel the vine unique understanding of the world the fickleness of the world and deep perception. Like a sad song, the description of the spring and the memory of their loved ones together, be moved by what one sees, heart stirring thorough analysis and interpretation of the life of vanity. Read to enjoy. Like to hear a taste of life course, not only feeling, but also very beneficial.
Here, I particularly appreciate is the vine with rich knowledge of literature, combined with their own insights on life, from the bottom of my heart flowed text vivid nature, in the slow music, read such a beautiful word, mind stretch like music, thoughts such as freely flowing style of writing. As Chuang-tzu said: everything flows. As the acme of perfection.
Wisteria son words, there is a breathtaking soul charm. Especially with the sad words, read people, will be in for a long time to ponder. The world is such; affection, friendship in the vine's heart is so storage. In this text, I can read the unique feeling vine and others different. The value orientation of the out of the ordinary. Of course, I'll be upstairs brother, often focus on the vine, deeply bless vine to vine, sunny mood. Although, the unique life experience in the vine here can give birth to fine text, after all, too much stress will also harm the body.
The heartfelt blessing vine recover soon, wish to see wine tasting "outdoor" tage in smile the vine.





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