is too boring to live

In a world of temptation, desire is Coffee, wine, cocaine, and tea.
Not desire to inspire people, killing people. Indifferent, not no desire, I make no apology; does not belong to me, the daughter is difficult to move their hearts, this is a kind of indifferent Wedding Planning.
Don't worry indifferent to life, and can treat life lively and indifferent attitude to the temptation, let my soul dream. Such a person, he is like the clouds to relax, to others is like the quiet lake.
Damage to the tranquil life, always the first to from damage to the indifferent mood began; repair by the injury of the soul, always start from the Institute of indifferent to the life began.
The temptation of the Rhine like Los rayliegh, desire like being tempted into the rime in Los rayliegh. Indifferent to the heart such as mirror, often from disasters.
Indifferent to give you probably not much, but what you must have given you; luxury give you many possible, but people must be something may lost atlantis tank.
A pains indifferent to the life of the people, he will often recognize indifferent at the cost of great pain.
There are too many temptations of the world, so there are too many desires, there are too many desires can not meet the pain. With a clear mind and easy steps through time to a person, not his lack of indifferent spirit. Otherwise, he is not too melancholy, is too boring to live!
Indifferent, not lazy, not doing nothing, not to pursue, but by the pure soul towards life and life. Being wise, the ancients had some penetrating opinions on indifferent. Indeed , indifferent as wonderful sounds of nature.
Spring in our eyes, the sand beneath our feet, the blue sky in my head, the forest in our hands. Let our mind away from the hubbub of city life, from the recent natural point, indifferent in Residence Design.


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