become a brave and strong

But I think carefully, life is there are many missed time composition. One's life can not be perfect, the world really is not any kind of perfect. Chasing the perfect running man, perhaps is a kind of entanglements caused by heart. I think I was a chase perfect running, tired or their own results.
Thank you very much for life, let us in the wake of the circle, understand oneself life the way, understand how their time is the most suitable for their own. Who are we to miss days, can only become a past in time.
I think many of our life will thank the past, thanks to those who eventually abandoned us in the most critical moment of life. Because these people, let us become a brave and strong, in the life most muddy, encourage their own way. Because be short life abandoned, abandoned themselves to care about the people, this time in addition to brave and strong, what but also can make?
Destroy the old and establish the new, this is the life needs, this is the time required for the. So, who are we to miss time, except for those who finish in the light wind drift, it seems not lift the startled day wave. Perception of time, feel the life, to the most calm and strong pace to move on, let the life is always full of themselves perceive better.
Many times, we many people ask: "why do we have so many missed years of life?" Perhaps, this is really needed for life, this is really required for life? Only if we miss the after, can find more beautiful, more suitable for their own view of life. Under years, every landscape finally will have its specific meaning to the interpretation.
Life will inevitably bring us some regret, no regrets in life and what is life? In all the regret, we are trying to make up for the life of all, try to let the life become reach the acme of perfection. Perhaps, those who miss the days will let our heart felt a dull ache. However, these missing or hidden in the wind, to eventually become we cherish the memory of the past.
Most of the time, when we turn, when back to see things behind, it is a state of mind. All is not at a time when state of mind, it is a kind of jump out after seeing the problem of calm. Such a calm, may sometimes make our own will be for their own surprise, oneself also never thought I would so calm.
Perhaps, calm is a potential inside hidden, everyone will do so in the necessary environment. Many missed years, perhaps let we each other have been confused, distressed, but in the end we had learned how to measure, choose their own think is the most suitable for their own life before. Those heart wrenching time, finally by their instinct of dust.
Who are we missing years, a big wealth is actually the life, in time to come up with this time to meditate, you will find many, many insights. In the memory, memory, there is always a lot of things involved with our nerves. Perhaps, the last days of the rest of our life is fueling a life.
Who are we to miss days, sometimes I think is good, is just a part of life, very classic. Life did not miss so much, Is it right? Too simple a lot? In all of the miss, we finally know how to cherish, understand enjoy your present. The life of each part, there will be a lot of our own beyond or expelled years, then let this time become the most beautiful moment in life!
Who are we missing years, once is perhaps the life is bright. These days, it will be a road supporting man expedition. The significance of the expedition, is let us find new and better life in cognition, chase after new years of beauty.
Most of the time, calm down, think of those we miss the past, is also a chapter in life can not be ignored, will accompany the life along a long journey, let us better miss in growth.


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