love to swim

Love, in the red dust, in our growth process, often become irreducible to farewell! Love is smoke curl easily dispersed, such as fog misty gone with the wind, such as water flowers is not desirable, such as the mirror month can not find! Love is hard to find beautiful, company formation in hong kong when we love and embrace, because the mind, may have lost, will hurt themselves, hurt others, the final harvest is likely to pay, harvest season expectations such as fireworks, dream!

Entrepreneurship courseWill always stand in the shore, sad looking at another own ups and downs in the vastness of the sea to swim, in love and pain perception cycle. Find at the end of the other side, who is deeply in waiting! Never thought to find a Equinox flower clambered ashore for himself, had not thought of as he led a same ferry, ship and return, but do not know a July 7th bridge for themselves, to meet with you to the bridge bank, just laissez faire the years tide again himself down in exhaustion, silent, silly wait, silly swimming floating in the sea of Azolla as bound, like bear the vicissitudes of the years the sea through their transfer into appearance late in life, culminating in the 爱海 shambled ascetic!

Another lean on the shore, and the wind, stand alone into the years of quiet Enron appearance, standing passengers dust silent practice, stand in a light pale transparent glaze, standing in 一樽 unintentional buddha Broadband!


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