youth, I have been here

The twinkling of an eye, the autumn colour dense many Vio-la...

Pieces of naked in the field of the earth, and the piles on the dry straw, small roadside silence layers of leaves, pieces of yellow grass on the hill...

Work rectified NongGuRen, seems to be a little easier at this time, can more time to take a nap, talk about harvest more time together. And these more or less tick remember those childhood memories for this time of year, those carefree days. The adults drank their tea in a sitting on the patio, talking about their own laughter. Our kids running around adults, with chasing belongs to our carefree. The afternoon sun is also some lazy, gentle with a piece of happy.

The autumn wind blowing slightly field, through the years, dazzling the hair, landed in what day.

The legs tied up, revealing a calf, and the air is dry, let the dissipation of autumn wind gently stroked. To take off the coat, revealing white vest, close to the sun, it finally warm touch is hard in the chest. The busy for a moment, let the heart close to the sun, close up its last remaining. Lit cigarette in the last a cigarette and sat on the grass in the yellow, put a slice of waste combustion into the light taste, float into memories belong to this autumn. Busy again good, a bit not careful will also fade, miss time is again, also will eventually goes away, empty our obsession with hearts.

Time went by, prints. Even if we are devout believers as the deification years commonly, go to church to admire, it is still stubborn. In the end, also learn to grasp, walks to freeze belongs to happiness. God's power we just for unknown place, and time is recorded in the footsteps of our reality, is no choice. Footprints, deeply shallow, full time, seal cutting many memorable moments...

In those years, as in a dream. Dream of oneself is a omnipotent super hero, can put the world with earth-shaking. Now, those frivolous dream, like shaking in the autumn night sky of stars, flashing a dim light.

In those years, inspiring, wantonly make public. Strut through the crowded streets, in spite of all worldly sorrow, all others to coldly without panic, because young people should insist on your appearance.

Wine Searcher In those years, have had unrequited love. Afterwards just know, love is the heart of the description, the performance of the heart is like, but most of the time just to the taste of sweet, in my mind, and heart to paved with young romantic feelings, stubborn to do a lot of touched of puzzling that belongs to ego.

In those years, piled with happiness mingled with the trouble, also feel despair, who stayed up all night, had lost virtually ignored and swallow the pain slowly...

Inadvertently, is no longer the ignorant young, no longer have a lot of time to waste. Is no longer a carefree singing of the age, no longer have those passionate about on rock and roll. All the fantasies and dreams like yellow leaves, as usual, doing the free fall. Those who had experienced things, are nothing more than just a moment along the way the episode is plump will cut off the memory of not.

Thanks to all of the memories Multi-touch Panel.

the book of life

1.Flowers in Hong Kong delivery See something, when successful, not excited, failed, don't fall. The heart must be strong, whether it is heaven blessed, or unexpected trouble, should but joy, but sorrow, can be appropriate, not reason, keep calm.
2. Learn to listen, my friends, may be happy, may be sad, be happy, it is also a, along with how to enjoy happiness, sadness, then; half, ease the suffering of others on their own, itself is a happy thing.
3. To improve the defense force, the way of life, a hard and soft enemy enemy two obstacles, hard enemy hurt the skin, break their bones, against the object is flesh; soft against temptation mind, tortured souls, a phantom with the mind game, against the object is the will, therefore, strengthen the protection is necessary.
4. To the target, small target temporary, or permanent goal, can, size does not matter, is to have, a goal, only the direction, the direction, have the power, the power.
5. For its defect, don't complain about the unfairness of God, because it is God for their own development space, God is to teach you how to use their own efforts to fill up the gap defect, make up, it will have something to do, not empty boring, lazy.
6. Often have a look back, they have experienced what, planted a few puddles, trapping several mire, hit a few thorns, out several traps, these large and small lessons, when and where to place, in the heart of a does not fall down, bound, exquisite packaging, also is the collector's edition textbooks, as his life, from time to time to read, learn from experience.
7. The details can not be ignored, thousands of miles of dikes, will collapse in Yixue, small things, its force is small, but the cumulative, quantitative change will cause the qualitative change of the day, Constant dripping wears away a stone. work, not langdexuming. Small little things, if positive, will be protected, let it grow slowly, if malignant, that it's weeding, can not stay, spare all later trouble Nutrition .
8. For the pursuit of their own, components must be clear, the material of a few, the spiritual and the accounted for almost, neither too much or too little, to achieve a balanced, coordinated proportion. If too much fame, will lose self, if completely ignored the red, it is a negative performance.
9. For some of his angry, when anger is anger, the forbearance, the anger is to endure, and that is a kind of weakness, lack of confidence, lack of pride, and pride; when the bear is angry, it is reckless, acting by emotion, the consequences will be very tricky. How to draw the line properly, it shows that he is a principle, in a position, bosom, Xiao Ming, Dali people.
10. Cherish this word, a few Xu Cangsang, have to lose, just know to cherish, for the lost, lost, don't regret, but can be a memory, sometimes chew, it is delicious. For is not lost, should learn to cherish the memories, after all, is only a kind of comfort has lost, is a proud, cherish is a blessing DIY home

who stole the peach blossom red

Burgundy When the spring breeze is swaying the April wind chimes, peach has been time stole her red, those lovely blurred in March, willow very pretty and charming, a green ocean.
Look up the moment, I see patches of green with trees, I saw a tree full of flowers, as in the wind is not willing to shake and crumble to dust, and then. Those crazy blooming flowers, just a short moment, to complete her mission, to start a process of gestation life.
Vaguely, I pass by the blossom of the green belt, they are charming and moving: cherry red Sihuo, winter jasmine yellow and lilac, extravagant, clusters, clusters, like the late fall over each other like decorated with spring. Just a week's time, when I was pregnant with full hope to look at them, only a few flower also hung on the branches, in the spring breeze soothing, fluttering in the wind, happy to fall. At that moment, there was a slight disappointment filled the window of heart. This spring, I have not in the busy to their intimate contact, spring, so in my eyes slipped away quietly. Those who regret the fleeting time, those who are living, trivial, mundane affairs to deal with, and so by the time of the grinding wheels in the foot.
How many scenery like this in the fleeting time gradually become memories, much flourishing in such extravagant behind gradually quiet, how much of the story is constantly ahead of the pace gradually forgotten, how many feelings like this is the ride puzzle slowly return to zero. Life is such, in the rush of another, constantly, constantly, and then slowly grow old macallan whisky......
I thought I was just out of school girls, did not want to, more than ten years has passed, and I have is no longer the young woman was. Remember that the peach blossom red, remember the friendship and love scattered those time, remember the time gradually forget the fleeting time, remember the hopes and dreams have sprouted in the spring. Only after many years, these have been the stream of time cleaning compound away, leaving only a shallow memories don't in the years of the trees.
I thought I could and time race, I think with my young heart and no longer young I, can retain some scattered time, I think that spring will be the time to, on the go go. So I learned to ordinary life, not publicity, not hypocritical, not to take anything that didn't belong to me, just like a child who, quietly in the past years by the waves washed up shells. These in the eyes of others is not precious things, but I always thought the most treasured. Those who carelessly between the little touched, the fleeting light up my people, who have been with me, encouraged me, and made me grow up people, those with stories, they are the most beautiful in the world April fangfei!
How many touched so many memorable; how much looking forward to, so many hopes and dreams waiting to be fulfilled; how much dedication and the pursuit, and so much sadness and tears spilled on the road; how many old downtown, there are many busy fall after the vicissitudes and helpless...... Negative on everything in life loss, negative on everything outside the fate of fate, let nature take its course, all is the best perfect.
Classroom tablet The clove like dream just begin to sprout, the bright sunshine, is beginning to shine a cloud day. In April, stolen floating not Jehiel, still walk along the way. Even so, fall, even, occasionally rain, however, it is green full of vigour, is developed with new hopes and dreams, are destined for the full storage passions rooted in the fertile soil, growing, mature, finally Nirvana lotus.
In April, the stolen peach red, a tree full of green fruit;, April, stolen moments, into the misty rain swallows twittering and blurred; in April, was stolen in spring, full of passion and full of new ideas; in April, flying kites in the sky, finding the root hold in the hands of the line; in April, it came in peace, and in embracing the light gradually walk......中醫 糖尿病

it was a tree flowers

Like the blink of an eye, those who with vigour and vitality bloom had ended!
Walk on the familiar path, looked at the falling petals, grind to dust scattered into the mud, the pink, yellow, white and dazzling have quietly curled up in the embrace of mother earth!
Electronic Whiteboard After all, anger over, in the spring the most brilliant moment, I see your beautiful face, dear you wet finzer, whether this is enough?
This is a kind of reincarnation? Dear, who can tell me?
You use your most beautiful pink petals for the green, you use a string of purple Campanula, in exchange for a piece of bright red, and then into the wind, the rain, accompanied by the spring and autumn, you have been such a scene, brought to the world the ordinary surprise, and winter with respect, still no mercy to you all away, only coming again next spring......
And we have a higher life, human beings, can have several times this cycle? Spirit? The flesh?
The hearts of all of a sudden inexplicable flowing from a warm moved, this flower, this tree, always have to rely on Mother Earth, the flowers in full bloom, the leaves sprout, germination, yellow, silently toward the earth mother's arms, it is always home!
My home?
I have a burden of playing the real return to their own soul belongs to the house?
It is the soul of home forever!
The house is your young dream, had you ever beautiful dream, placed you have been unwilling to touch the wounds and the slim hope, you are here to heal, and here again to new hope, set sail!
In our real life home ah, I have been looking forward to the surging river edge, with the misty rain misty rain, with dense vanillic air, with clear water, with a soft accent, and that everywhere a vibrant green and that a riot of colour of the season flowers dom perignon!
How happy ah! You do that, you in the river surging city boundary, you quickly took root, and I am pleased with, I know, because of our daughter, I also can not immediately go with you, however, this is a very beautiful expectation! I have to accompany you in the north of the city for twenty years!
You can come home with me, right! Back from where I'm from! You said, you can, in the efforts of hard work, and I are looking! I looked at it with eyes full of tears!
You said: "this how to eat all day long Steamed Rice ah?"
You say: "here all day rain?"
You say: "homesick!"
I love and hate, hate!
Here a spring, also didn't see a decent rain! The land dries out to smoke, and the continuous Yang Xu catkins floating everywhere, I almost didn't go out, the dry air, the smoke layer soil! I am angry with!
I like the spring rain, moisten my face! I like to see everywhere green wet! I would like to eat that delicious big Steamed Rice!
But, now I can't go anywhere! What also do not! Who knows my sadness?
Think, daughter as over there on the University, I really can go back, back to my hometown, work tired, tired, and opened the car, no time ah, I can see my dear mom and Dad, listen to advice and told them, all the tiredness will disappear in smoke now, because of their voices and their concern about the eyes, forever is our way of life of a kind of invisible!
But, that day, what time can I have?
wine offer A gust of wind blowing, blown away my thoughts, I know, life is an indefinite number, I know, I would also like to continue such helpless before, just for the sake of our younger commitment!
With the wind, the front of the pink petals fall on the ground by the dust and willow catkins have been entangled mottled, with the wind in the helpless rotation! Instantly, the present is a portrayal of the!
The weather forecast says that morning with light rain, light rain! The city has almost dried up! Under the point of light! My soul also need your moist!不孕症治療

outdoor dance

Midnight, DIY storage walking in the Wuchang fruit lake quiet street, reverie together. Here is my high school years ago, now the university teachers, there are often on the Internet communication has not yet met friends. Want to contact, not Speechless. Ha-ha. Only in the absolute being stored in beauty and wonderful reverie. Flashes of Wisteria son's friends "outdoor dance".
All the time, I like reading Wisteria son text. The text is really wonderful feeling, the text in the vine's hand, turned into seven rainbow cloud, reveal the different sky; like the elegant woman dancing ribbons, draw a gorgeous color; the vine in the text, a pure heart sad, there is a light of life penetration of Dawu; a calm and quiet a yunjuanyunshu. This paper from the heart. With this and calmly, text is particularly vivid.
"Outdoor dance" is I enjoy writing. Not only is a mountain spring picture caught my eye, it is because the wisteria son to the writing skill skill, to an outdoor outing portrayed very interesting. In these words, I also read the vine happy, see the smile. Vine love into the embrace of nature, observe carefully, deeply emotional experience, imagination is rich, vivid and exquisite description, "outdoor tage" has become a beautiful melody, to bring readers of literature and music taste. As the vine's brother, I sincerely happy and bless.
Repeated the taste "outdoor dance", there is a passage that I feel such as goods of tea, taste fragrant: "heard a gurgling sound of water, to search, to the front, a small, clear, bright, a gay. However clever, let a person can't help close, I squat next, hand gently into the water, a burst of coolness hit into the skin, smooth, soft, the heart also as a clear spring. See through the eyes of each surprise, deep sigh of nature's extensive and plump."
And: "I am not good at words, the lack of ability, communicate with people in most of the time, to give the people away feeling, but, I don't know how to Thanksgiving, cold-blooded, their enthusiasm, their help, their friendship, so I like the sport TV Mobile Stand."
I have to admire the heart: heart like spring, good writing!
Wisteria son works "wind" cool ", can feel the vine unique understanding of the world the fickleness of the world and deep perception. Like a sad song, the description of the spring and the memory of their loved ones together, be moved by what one sees, heart stirring thorough analysis and interpretation of the life of vanity. Read to enjoy. Like to hear a taste of life course, not only feeling, but also very beneficial.
Here, I particularly appreciate is the vine with rich knowledge of literature, combined with their own insights on life, from the bottom of my heart flowed text vivid nature, in the slow music, read such a beautiful word, mind stretch like music, thoughts such as freely flowing style of writing. As Chuang-tzu said: everything flows. As the acme of perfection.
Wisteria son words, there is a breathtaking soul charm. Especially with the sad words, read people, will be in for a long time to ponder. The world is such; affection, friendship in the vine's heart is so storage. In this text, I can read the unique feeling vine and others different. The value orientation of the out of the ordinary. Of course, I'll be upstairs brother, often focus on the vine, deeply bless vine to vine, sunny mood. Although, the unique life experience in the vine here can give birth to fine text, after all, too much stress will also harm the body.
The heartfelt blessing vine recover soon, wish to see wine tasting "outdoor" tage in smile the vine.


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