over with cuts and bruises

Those beautiful aunt only surnamed Wang Wahson feel good, two people stay not far not close contact, but this didn't last long without news, fat east uncle asked him why, when Wahson was to wipe my nose, softly replied: "that woman harbor evil intentions." Never say what. In fact, I know, that day the king aunt while Wahson out to buy food, said to me, "you have grown up, should go to your mother, you have been following him don't matter, you know your own mother in where?" He thought I was Wahson's baby headphone amp.
I was stunned, first heard someone else's mouth "mother" two words, I don't know what it is, Wahson is not my mother? At that time I was only 10 years old. I looked behind her, is Wahson, he come back to buy food, obviously, he heard Aunt Wang and I talk, Wahson quietly pulled me into the back room, never to contact.
This is Wahson's temper, very stubborn, insisted on silence, stubborn. All the things and the road he recognized, he always go to see, even covered all over with cuts and bruises.
Wahson is like me, who I almost did not promise. We go out for a walk, I am tired, Wahson squat back I; Wahson often go out sketching, he takes me, is sometimes very distant frontier city, sometimes from a small river, with the fat east to the words of his uncle, where Wahson, there is Lu Sheng; we moved house Wahson, let me sit in the corridor stuttering warm baked sweet potatoes, he a person at work, don't let me go to help; Wahson always bought me a lot of snacks, spare, I eat at any time at any time; Wahson never angry with me, even if I do too much thing, he just looked at me very reluctantly, face not bear, holding the soft as cotton candy voice said: "Lu Sheng, you don't NuHart......"
We have been living like this, until I started boarding high school. The third day I got acute gastroenteritis, diarrhea, toss about all night. Wahson on the night of my home, always take care of me in my bed, did not sleep all night. Disease is not good, Wahson will drag people do day procedures to help me, every night when I went home to sleep. Every day at noon meal is Wahson getting ready in the morning, a kind uncle asked he knew my canteen meals, until I graduated from high school.
Wahson age gradually, the body also is not good, at first I thought Wahson was a little cold little cough, shut his body, but ignore the real science, until he suddenly fainted in class one day, I heard the news rushed to the hospital, a doctor removed my judgment all the luck and hope: Advanced Gastric cancer! This time I am in the city of a two university read four, graduating.g-suite

my life has just begun

New year's Eve, blue skies, warm sunshine to Islamabad tipsy, people, there is no special thing. However, in Chinese heart, the Spring Festival is a forget flick not to thick and heavy in colours.
PolyU DBA Twelve at noon, I went downstairs sitting in the bus on time. Half an hour later, the car stopped at a villa. Here, all kinds of trees each other, cast the wrong to fall the shadow. From time to time over the crow or stop roof, or standing branches, then the Lian voice to. The shadow to quiet and elegant villa. Under the car, around the guards carry loaded guns in front and back of the house, watching every act and every move in the air.
I walked out into the yard, there have been many people, large and small, be riotous with colour balloons hung in the eaves, the children playing chase, see the balloon crying for parents. The yard is lined with a not neat team, team a is a transparent glass box, filled with large and small red envelopes, waiting for people to extract. Draw good people for the new year auspicious, pumping bad people at a new year to start again. Smoked award, S has not arrived, I sat in a corner and he. The noon sun was warm, squint sitting there, as if a world in the warm winter. I looked at the house, a group of people come in, greeting each other, draw, and then entered the room. But, still do not see the figure of S. Dinner is about to begin, I went in search, and out of the yard around, as if all of the heart are only looking for him. After a while, I once again entered the room to look, the house full of people, but with few, now they are submerged in the crowded. They looked at me blankly, I also Tang suddenly back, in the crowd, we had many times this look?
I once again retreated house sit eaves. I think she is a swallow, the heart has the dream girl. Just now, we sat together, on the edge of the girl picked up two beans to eat, give her a break, she transferred to the half of my. When the crowd faded into the house, she still insisted that accompany me outside waiting for, despite her lover has come. I believe, such a loving and caring girl to share other people comfortable, but also bring you happiness. I also remember Zhou Libo. When the audience asked him, what is your advantage? He said that. Because I believe, he will live to understand, to live calmly, live a happy life. I believe, he is telling the truth, experience ups and beat of life, we will be more deeply understand the true meaning of life.
S has finally come to be in a hurry to depart, he kicked in the door. I suddenly rejoice together, waiting for the suffering and finally into meet at ease. Into the house, each table is full of people, finally found an empty sit down. The child said, wishing you a happy new year. Then, other children than to wish everyone a happy, happiness Cloud Provider..... The sound of the words together with the children's children, and did not our goal?
After lunch, call your family. At home, at this time is a seven point night, they just eat dumplings, sitting in front of the tv. My parents are very happy, told us the size. Hung up the phone and then look at the QQ, little nephew message: don't go home have the Spring Festival this year? Apparently, he has not adapted to my absence. During the Spring Festival, he used to my presence firecrackers, also used together with poetic couplet with me...... At the time of the Spring Festival, Snow gleams white., children around, I still remember the little nephew first met the snow of excitement. In the winter was cold, dark night of snow, often with the north wind rustle falls over the earth. One morning, a sliding door, the snow was more than a foot thick, white, ice on the eaves of long short, root inverted. My little nephew likes to get up early, layer upon layer of cotton wrapped him up like a bear, clumsy cute. Mother opened the door, say, baby, it's snowing. He suddenly opened his eyes wide, like a little penguin broke away from her mother's hand, staggered into the courtyard in the middle, left, right, the mouth does not stop a "oh oh oh oh" sound. He is too small, also do not know Sherbet spring summer autumn winter, snow and rain, however, he did not know how to stop this? With him, my life has just begun. I have my life, he will grow up.
CCTV Spring Festival evening is about to begin, but in Islamabad, just stopped electricity. Because of power failure, we put the mobile phone, a computer. No phone, no message, no QQ, micro-blog...... We are completely lost contact with friends and colleagues. In fact, when people are when the message, telephone, and how much is truly pure relationship? Sitting on the bed, through the large glass windows, quietly looking at the distance of scattered houses and trees. The sun a little into the mountain, the sky silent in the white clouds, and then plunged into darkness doctoral degree business..

Happiness is home

Outside the window the wind ah, wail like ghosts and howl like wolves like! The car was blown to rock, to the city of W, feather like snow drifting profusely and disorderly, speed has not more than sixty, the son said: "mother, you this turtle speed when getting home!" After the high-speed entrance, card, then open the high beam light travel, the snow to come, plus the dark night, I am night blindness, almost like a blind play through Information Security.
Road, snow was rolled to sleek, with open with great care, did not dare to tell my family, we're back, afraid they worry, let his son made a Micro message said snow cannot go home. Results three girl guessed, mom and dad guessed, two girl guessed it, know that we must be on the way back home, we three personal mobile phone be they exploded, mobile phone information, Micro message information, mobile phone short message, keep coming in, they worry that I understand it is touched.
On the way, tension, fatigue, while let husband peel me eat grapefruit, will let the son bring me into the Coffee drink, sweet and sour grapefruit that allows me to eliminate sleepy, son later took to wipe my temple wind. To tell you the truth, I drive, the two men than I am tired, and always with great care to wait on me. Occasionally, the son will upset, I said so, and her husband say: "son, your mother is now a man, we have to wait on her, you and I do not drive, so we must obey orders, to listen to the command, your mother's word was law, we must be unconditional obedience." A road, the three of us in the car, laughing, son always scold me, let me not. Joseph, a good drive.
Part time DBA The city of L, finally does not snow, days also finally daybreak, I dare to accelerate, but my car after 100, I feel the whole people in gone with the wind, the maximum speed is over 130, the navigation began to tip, you have hundreds of meters in front of speeding, speed camera, then quickly loose open the throttle. All the way, I'm sleepy sleepy past an impulsively, hear navigation tips have service station, hurried down out of high speed, on service area, to the toilet use cold water wash your face, came out, the wind blows, immediately sober, and then into the high-speed, all the way back again, so delicate woman that time particularly tough really, I admire my own.
A person make a hurried journey without stop driving, after eleven hours. Finally see the home, see home is just out of high speed toll station, the card to pay the money, a high-speed, home. To enter the area, downstairs to see father lying - down in the balcony, I pressed the horn, grandma ran downstairs and pick up our luggage.
Mother holding a meter eight two big son cry, only a few days, how up so high! Smiled and said: "eat fertilizer." We all laugh.
Upstairs, put your luggage, wash, excited, happy feeling, no words can be language, looked at the gray haired father in the kitchen cooking, psychological sour but feel warm. Dad and mom bought a lot of we eat meat and vegetables, burned tracts of mutton soup, cooked Steamed Rice, burned for freshwater fish.
Returned to the embrace of their parents really good happiness! After eating, daddy and mummy doesn't let me up, my mother got me hot water for my feet, gave me an electric blanket, the bedroom air conditioning is also open to me, let's have a good rest. To tell you the truth home much warmer than here, entering the bed, lost an hour, up in the down jacket to the living room. The son sees said: "sister, you go back to the seventy's." To the big boys laughed, holding her mother's arm went downstairs to the supermarket, see the husband in the streams of people busily coming and going of the crowd, he saw a man selling sea fish, chat in there and people. Then, we went to buy his son a slipper, bought those delicious doctorate degree in business.
Mother's joy, overflowing in the canthus tip of the brow, see acquaintances said: "this is the eldest daughter, eleven at night to drive, a person to open more than a dozen hours, just got home at noon, and two daughters did not return, the two go to work in the government, on New year's Eve to leave at noon, the first home come to lunch." Perhaps these, for others it didn't feel what, but a word or two, but listen to her mother's pride, and her hope.
With her mother, my heart is warm but also sour. Finally the three girl raised, he is also a great age to take care of, but the children away from the Spring Festival, annually also can go back to it a few days, thought of here, the journey more than tired, parents were eager for a year I expect to see someone who never comes again calculate what?
So, the children, must often go home have a look, money is not the parents, but the life is limited, do not leave the filial son and dear not to regret.

touch the soul of a sincere

The window of heart, placed one pupil of the eye, parked one sails, written a personal feeling, sleeve breeze, soft red flowers, bury a person's past.
The heart out of the window, leaned a cold shoulder, light grip cool warm, set off a Fenghua Nian, nostalgic wrapped around the waist, long season, playing quiet poem Men clothes sale.
I'm in the quiet light, a person, curled up in a drop of pain wounds of the lamp, the text, written as a person, a person's world, this is the joy or sorrow?
But the night, shaking my heart if rain cold, how the mind is like a song, like a dream, business wind Tang rain, many beautiful woman, once the leisure elegant, once the dream with Kroraina, at the moment, your side that winter to spring back of lilacs, whether in the morning as I can, if the wind month, stunning as incapable of further increase of style? Want a hand picked fresh and not dazzling lilac, stored in my time line, because the flowers, there is a more gentle you spread in the missing in the wind.
Can't remember you my specific met in one day, just remember that due to the most popular 3D games that year. You are a brave invincible soldier, I do not understand a secular shades of a small woman, because playing for long, but many friends are not many, originally also naturally or half unconsciously to add you as a friend, but every time I was the monster bullying, will always be the first to call your name, only to you online, whether you how far apart and I, you move so fast, appeared at my side, the one to fall on the map of the shadow, you are all the heroic fight results, since then, between you and me occasionally talk about their own circle of friends or worry a little bit of life, my job is to play the game at that time, that occupation is called gaming, at first, what attack, defense, how to play blame earn more, how to put the medicine, for a woman, I completely do not understand, then, I will think of you, every time you give me one one answer, until now, data backup I still remember you I used to play the role name, if you had been left in the cloud nine night out? Because my typing speed faster than you, so I will play games at work during the edge to chat with you, for a long time, you and I become more familiar with, you and I are not only friends network virtual, also become the friend's true reality, when I encountered difficulties at work, or what not happy a little side, I will tell you one one, you always listen quietly, carefully explained to me, although I am older than you, but you speak is so mature, in my time of trouble, you are my best audience, the most real friends. Although I know you have a girlfriend, I will take you as my confide in spiritual sustenance. People, are emotional animal, in the course of time, to you, I gradually produced a concept beyond friendship, just had a little bit of strong emotion for some reason, I leave my life for nearly a year of seaside city, the middle of contact with you has been on and off, because I don't get to the Internet, so Q was recovered, unable to contact you, finally, when playing games with friends have found your message, since then, between you and me is not interrupted contact, that, for some reason you and she parted, my heart has a little sour pain, this pain is for you. Regret is not, but for you. You will hurt yourself, to her, many times, your loneliness, your weakness, then, in my dream, keep on my pillow, I became your emotional hotline.
In ten years, you would think of me as your emotions may harbor, I regard you as my life the most beautiful scenery line, this kind of emotion, perhaps with money is a measure of how much wealth not them? Ten years, you are still a man, cruising in the street without according to the ferry, the kind of sadness, only in the spiritual world, to be together with you hand in hand together, touch the soul of a sincere.
The midnight sky, very quiet, time if water, in this cool and bitter cold of winter, you and I are two parallel lines have no intersection? Whether such as Petunia Vega and Altair sky's brightest two never collide? Are you in, even if only I a person's world, is beautiful. This goes beyond friendship, more natural, offbeat sensibility above the love and friendship, I'd rather tears through the life of the plain, even if not with you together and slowly old, but my heart will still drunk, that feeling, that kind of pure love, only the spiritual world of people, it is true so long China marketing.


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