is too boring to live

In a world of temptation, desire is Coffee, wine, cocaine, and tea.
Not desire to inspire people, killing people. Indifferent, not no desire, I make no apology; does not belong to me, the daughter is difficult to move their hearts, this is a kind of indifferent Wedding Planning.
Don't worry indifferent to life, and can treat life lively and indifferent attitude to the temptation, let my soul dream. Such a person, he is like the clouds to relax, to others is like the quiet lake.
Damage to the tranquil life, always the first to from damage to the indifferent mood began; repair by the injury of the soul, always start from the Institute of indifferent to the life began.
The temptation of the Rhine like Los rayliegh, desire like being tempted into the rime in Los rayliegh. Indifferent to the heart such as mirror, often from disasters.
Indifferent to give you probably not much, but what you must have given you; luxury give you many possible, but people must be something may lost atlantis tank.
A pains indifferent to the life of the people, he will often recognize indifferent at the cost of great pain.
There are too many temptations of the world, so there are too many desires, there are too many desires can not meet the pain. With a clear mind and easy steps through time to a person, not his lack of indifferent spirit. Otherwise, he is not too melancholy, is too boring to live!
Indifferent, not lazy, not doing nothing, not to pursue, but by the pure soul towards life and life. Being wise, the ancients had some penetrating opinions on indifferent. Indeed , indifferent as wonderful sounds of nature.
Spring in our eyes, the sand beneath our feet, the blue sky in my head, the forest in our hands. Let our mind away from the hubbub of city life, from the recent natural point, indifferent in Residence Design.

least fails whiledaring greatly

It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, the doer of deeds could have done them better DHA.
The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arens, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who stives valiantly;who errs, and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumphs of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails whiledaring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.
Between persons of equal income there is no social distinction except the distinction of merit. Money is nothing; character, conduct, and capacity are everything. Instead of all the workers being leveled down to low wage standards and all the rich leveled up to fashionbale income standards, everybody under a system of equal incomes would find his or her own natural level. There would be great people and ordinary people and little peolpe, but the great would always be those who had done great things, Interior decorationand never the idiot whose mother had spoiled them and whose father had left a hunred thousand a year; and the little would be persons of small minds and mean characters, and not poor persons who had never had a chance. That is why idiots are always in favour of inequality of income (their only chance of eminence), and the really great in favour of equality Lumiere.

broad-minded life

Walk all the way, I always thinking, always can't give up something, always naive to think: persist as long as there is a result, as long as the attachment there is hope Laser Hair Removal.
Life is pain, while strong. Slowly I became a brave man. My mother used to say to me: "women don't need more strong and play, but to keep their own peace of mind." In fact, women, most are sensitive, kind hearted, for her care, a word she would wander.
1427781812.jpgAlthough you are not at my side, you have become my forever memory. In order to have you, forget yourself, live good tired, life is to you as the center, but you are too selfish to hurt my heart, never care my feeling, you wanton, let me at a loss. A long time I is indifferent to, do not know when to start, I found myself have changed, in previous experience to some sense. Do something, say something, too care about the feelings of others, equal to live for others. I can't take care of all of people's feelings, will only make you feel good. Why not worth to prove what, to live better, is for oneself. In fact, life is the most gratifying thing parents, lover, confidant sound two or three pirates don't go, everything else is illusion, don't care.
Life, seen as bearish. For the past, don't regret, lost never recovered; for now, don't be too stingy, pay is the best for the future, don't have; hope, belong to you, the road going through in your.
In the future, I hope they can do a free and easy, Lumiere the things down, can turn down. From the interpersonal relationship is no longer comfortable, off season clothes, no longer like the old, can no longer stick. Not burdened by the past, don't be misled by the vanity, want to do something, work harder to accumulate strength. Don't avoid all the hardships, not deep in any trouble, had a constructive life, every day was.
The fleeting time well, years of Qing Huan, related to dust, the diameter, the beauty of life, is to find a non-stop, Mu Lu fireworks, seek the warmth of life, easy entry into the WTO teco Brushless motor manufacturer, broad-minded life, so, it is good.

become a brave and strong

But I think carefully, life is there are many missed time composition. One's life can not be perfect, the world really is not any kind of perfect. Chasing the perfect running man, perhaps is a kind of entanglements caused by heart. I think I was a chase perfect running, tired or their own results.
Thank you very much for life, let us in the wake of the circle, understand oneself life the way, understand how their time is the most suitable for their own. Who are we to miss days, can only become a past in time.
I think many of our life will thank the past, thanks to those who eventually abandoned us in the most critical moment of life. Because these people, let us become a brave and strong, in the life most muddy, encourage their own way. Because be short life abandoned, abandoned themselves to care about the people, this time in addition to brave and strong, what but also can make?
Destroy the old and establish the new, this is the life needs, this is the time required for the. So, who are we to miss time, except for those who finish in the light wind drift, it seems not lift the startled day wave. Perception of time, feel the life, to the most calm and strong pace to move on, let the life is always full of themselves perceive better.
Many times, we many people ask: "why do we have so many missed years of life?" Perhaps, this is really needed for life, this is really required for life? Only if we miss the after, can find more beautiful, more suitable for their own view of life. Under years, every landscape finally will have its specific meaning to the interpretation.
Life will inevitably bring us some regret, no regrets in life and what is life? In all the regret, we are trying to make up for the life of all, try to let the life become reach the acme of perfection. Perhaps, those who miss the days will let our heart felt a dull ache. However, these missing or hidden in the wind, to eventually become we cherish the memory of the past.
Most of the time, when we turn, when back to see things behind, it is a state of mind. All is not at a time when state of mind, it is a kind of jump out after seeing the problem of calm. Such a calm, may sometimes make our own will be for their own surprise, oneself also never thought I would so calm.
Perhaps, calm is a potential inside hidden, everyone will do so in the necessary environment. Many missed years, perhaps let we each other have been confused, distressed, but in the end we had learned how to measure, choose their own think is the most suitable for their own life before. Those heart wrenching time, finally by their instinct of dust.
Who are we missing years, a big wealth is actually the life, in time to come up with this time to meditate, you will find many, many insights. In the memory, memory, there is always a lot of things involved with our nerves. Perhaps, the last days of the rest of our life is fueling a life.
Who are we to miss days, sometimes I think is good, is just a part of life, very classic. Life did not miss so much, Is it right? Too simple a lot? In all of the miss, we finally know how to cherish, understand enjoy your present. The life of each part, there will be a lot of our own beyond or expelled years, then let this time become the most beautiful moment in life!
Who are we missing years, once is perhaps the life is bright. These days, it will be a road supporting man expedition. The significance of the expedition, is let us find new and better life in cognition, chase after new years of beauty.
Most of the time, calm down, think of those we miss the past, is also a chapter in life can not be ignored, will accompany the life along a long journey, let us better miss in growth.

like a rainbow gorgeous dream

Into the youth day, a friend wrote: the card under the rainbow bless for you... 16 is not a simple even vaguely, it contains many I don't know the secret, is a unique flower spirit on the clothes? Is the sun like smile? Is a flash of fleeting meteor? Is completely fallen star? Or the sky dream? I'm trying to thinking Virtual Office Hong Kong:
Yesterday, I also stubborn like a child, promised to decide not to grow up, hate the feeling of grew up - one that is tightly bound feeling, I always believed in the color bubble was mystified the blow out, no, is peopled with a little elf. I always want to raise your wrist, break the tiny air bubbles, let the spirit free, although had brought a colorful coat;
Today of I, have won't little things and face each other in the flames of anger and friends, and curious eyes wide open, stares at it. Maybe, I will go to the wutong leaves one records the time before, softly asked: why can't people like the moon, the darker the whole body, itself, but the more bright? Once upon a time, heard the phrase: the volume of the heart is very small, but the volume is very big, now only have the profound understanding!
Yesterday I, I like upward day, always thought the sky, with my dreams.
Today of I, but when looking up at the sky, as if into the mind, mouth words, empty gradually listen to angel overhead pass!
Yesterday I, still running in the snow with partners, feel the snow holy color;
Today of I, I don't like snow, pity the snow beauty faded, I always put the beauty of the past buried in the mud in the spring, also not necessarily can open a flower!
Yesterday, I was grabbed a sun, a friend in the distant place feihong excited;
Today, I no longer wish to receive letters. Not reply confused, after all, receiving is happy, because have friends far away; But receiving is also sad, because a friend in the distance.
Walk alone under the fireworks filled the street, crocopen let the colorful fireworks light on my coat with best regards. As time goes by, I hope it's cement rose out of the flower, always stand there well proportioned, witness every little bit of time.
I just want to go wandering, wandering, see all the world to let every corner of the world is full of all my footprint; See the sunrise on the sea, watching the sunset in the desert, lingyun see fog opened on the edge of the brook in the top of the night, only like, walking alone in the open field.
Youth of I, with a mist of grief, also have flaming soured, also have lost myself's dual personality.
I desire mature, tried to shape his staid image, when a I want to protect people, maybe I will not powerless;
I am eager to pure, happy every day like a long not big child, bizarre and elves smile face hung a child;
I am eager to have a person's world, clad in a light purple blankets in dreams go all the way;
I desire to integrate into the collective, under the clear blue sky, echoed with me the most brilliant smiling face...
Actually, youth, like the sun, although it is a bundle of transparent, light is composed of red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, violet seven kinds of color composition.
Youth is a beautiful harbour, youth is a dream that never fade. Like the balm in early spring at green, like the flowers bloom in the branches, as birds crow in the morning, like the wind dancing in the water. The transparent is the river, on the ground is cloud in the sky, is the rain, in the air in front of the park is the fountain, in what is carp's poem is the theme of youth. We do not necessarily live vigorous youth, but we are like pure water, flower simply almost no impurities.
At night, ambiguously hear a voice; Holding my hand, eyes closed go you won't get lost. Looking at the pale blue sky, the in the mind silently say: have you I won't feel lonely.
Like a rainbow gorgeous dream - my youth regorafenib!


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